Weird Dream!

Posted: November 26, 2010 in College, Life
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Well I shall start off with the weird. My dream, it wasn’t a weird dream in retrospect but biking up the edge of a mountain cliff to get to a girl was a little off. It is a dream then again. What’s weird is that I couldn’t place the girl to anyone in my life. The attention to detail was uncanny. It’s also very weird when the backing track to this dream was Westlifes – You Raise Me Up. Just throwing this out there that my dreams make no sense haha.

Now if that doesn’t set the mood for this blog post then maybe my account of my tutorial lesson will. Instead of the usual; fill out these, complete these sheets and here are your marks back, we had a speaker in. Usually they aren’t very good, they just tell you what they want you to know and then we all go about our lives normally. It wasn’t the case this time. I’ve never known anybody be able to make STI’s so hilarious. Not in the greatest sense of the word but you know what I mean… hopefully. I remember at one point the speaker guy actually made me cry with laughter. So much of what he said was funny and by god if his impressions weren’t just as good. I think at one moment he aspired to be like Keith Lemon. Ahh how humoured I was. At one point he did make the joke about a woman from Doncaster willingly getting bummed for a McDonalds but I don’t even think that’s relevant to anything. We sort of just spiralled off there in the lesson. I think the best part was when all the males came to the conclusion that if a woman ever cheated on us and then gave us an STI, we wouldn’t be mad with them as much because now we have an idea to lock them in a cage with rations for 7 years. This is what became of our talk on STI’s. Such a great College.

.. In other news, I managed to pick up my train tickets yesterday for my weekend trip to Lincoln. I was slightly disappointed that I only received 4 tickets where as when I went to Manchester I received 9 of them from that damn machine. If that never got me going enough my NEW and SHINY subscription to Lovefilm has just come through. I have ordered All Dogs Go To Heaven which btw if you haven’t seen it then you’re just weird, Dear John because it has got Channing Tatum in it and he is an awesome actor and the new Karate Kid with Jaden Smith and Jackie Chan. This should be good. They should arrive on Monday so if I am not already knocked out from the 8 hours at College, I shall watch them all then. All Dogs Go to Heaven is a great film. A little on the musical side but this was a great animation from 1989. The video at the bottom will show of its greatness.

And of the miscellaneous things to tell you, I am finally starting to get built up and toning out. This gym thing at College is really working. Getting stronger and more toned each day. One day I will be fully toned. I will like that day. Another would be the amazing cheesecake my mum just bought. It looks absolutely fantastic. I’ve never seen a more amazing looking cheesecake. It better be defrosted before half past 7 tonight. If not I will be very unhappy. Finally my contract is to be due to be cut off very soon. I am thinking about just getting a new sim card with a contract on it like that instead of wasting 30 pound a month of money I haven’t got to spend. Something shall be sorted out.

I think that’s everything for now. Ciao.


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