Possible Challenge!

Posted: November 24, 2010 in College, Music, Theories
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I have decided that on a ‘postly’ basis I shall be doing a ‘Choice of the post’. These could be songs, films, actors or books or anything else that comes to mind. Today’s post will feature the song, ‘Through the eyes of a child’ by Reamonn. I have chosen this because of the amazing sounding chorus it has. It invokes you to sing along and feel the song if you guys know what I mean. The words of the chorus also rings true, ‘Why did we make it so hard, this life is so complicated until we see it through the eyes of a child’. Have you ever noticed in the midst of everything going wrong around you there is a child just laughing for no reason? It’s because they don’t have any problems. I think it’s good to think about that and maybe think about how good we all had it in the past.

… Now on to my day, I’ve been pretty good today to be honest. I had the day off College which I spent waking up at half past 7 to get my sisters ready for their school day. I did manage to fall back to sleep till 10 o clock after they had gone at which point I needed to get ready to go to Doncaster Rovers Stadium to hand my bank details in so that I could receive my FIRST of many pay packages. It feels good knowing I am going to have a bit more money in my bank. After, I did the usual, go back into the town centre to buy new aerosol and toothpaste… I had such a riveting time today haha.

Ohhhh! Before I forget, I booked my train tickets today for my weekend trip to Lincoln. I and my friend are going to tear it up (Metaphorically speaking of course) that night. I think Jaggerbombs are on the table for Saturday night. I am excited about them. It’s been a while since I’ve had one and that was when I was drunk on Tequila, but that’s for another post. It will be good to see what they actually taste like.

I would like to make a special thanks to www.play.com in this post for keeping me up until 2 am in the morning just passed. I admit it was partly my own brains fault for liking to solve things but I’m going to put the blame onto Play. Last night I was just minding my own business, ironically trying to come up with a business idea when I had a little look on Play’s website to take my mind off my current predicament, anyway as soon as I came to the website my interest for puzzles was sparked, they had a Rubik’s Cube on the front page. I can manage 1 side of the Rubik’s Cube pretty easy but all of it is a problem for me…. mark my words though, one day in my life I will actually complete a Rubik’s Cube. I seem to have gone off track… ohh that’s right, puzzles; anyway I started looking for puzzles for when I have the money to buy them and out of nowhere my mind jumped to something else, Critical Thinking. In a nutshell critical thinking is taking peoples arguments and what they say apart and analysing it whilst talking to them… ‘Reading between the lines’. I am interested in that sort of stuff. I’m a weird 18 year old haha. Then things escalated again, from critical thinking I jumped to a theory that me and my friend have been arguing about for a long time, ‘Anything is Possible’ with me on the opposing side. Now I’m not arrogant enough not to say that anything COULD be possible but anything IS possible is incorrect. I started this whole thing at 9 pm. I finished thinking about it at 2 in the morning. Ohh don’t I know where my priorities are in life. Thanks play.

I have also been thinking about doing some sort of challenge thing to do with my blog. You can send in ideas of possible challenges to do and I will pick one and do it. Document it and you shall get a special mention on the next blog post. I am unsure when I would be doing this as I haven’t got that much traffic yet but when things start back up but if you want to send in ideas just put the idea as a comment and I shall take it into consideration.

That’s all I have for now, ciao for now.


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