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Posted: December 9, 2010 in Uncategorized
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Okay it is official, I hate the government and I want to leave the country after I finish my College diploma. We have so much debt in Britain and the answer to this is to hike up the University fees. Did they not take into consideration that less people will go to University which means more people will look for jobs.. OH WAIT there is no jobs in Britain anymore because this is a drowning nation. What part of ‘get us out of debt’ don’t the government understand. Should have gotten UKIP in. They maybe harsh on some things but god almighty they would get rid of our debt. I hate this country. America, Canada, Australia or New Zealand, you may be getting another person and another business coming to your country.

Damn Lib Dems and Damn University Fees!


‘I will not be beaten, you have yet to see me shining, shining, I won’t take this lying down’. These are the lyrics to a song by Kristian Leontiou. The song is called ‘Shining’. I have always liked these lyrics as they don’t need to be explained and are fairly simple to understand. Although in the song it later suggests that these lyrics are about being better for someone than somebody else, ‘who am I to break this young girl’s heart, how the mighty rise and fall’ I personally find these lyrics can be about anything. I choose to believe the lyrics are about being better at anything than someone else. Being all you can be.

… Right, now that some of my favourite lyrics are out of the way, time to tell you about my day. In all honesty it has been quite good and has gone fairly fast. You won’t know but I am still on my antibiotics for an infection in my toe and they have been giving me a little trouble today what with tiredness and a slight bit of nausea. That aside, I received my latest set of results and it seems I have improved from my first result of 49% (Still a pass) to 70% and still showing signs of improving. I was really happy about that. My fear has hit though in maths, something I say I wouldn’t see again… equations. God forbid I hate them. I managed to get them all right but it took me a fair bit of time to do them. Oh yes, I forgot, we receive all of our questions on sheets of paper… well I managed to prove that one of the questions were wrong. They gave 4 different answers and I came to the conclusion that none were correct and surprised surprise, I was correct. Great piece of irony right?

In English I was also given some good news, myself and only 5 other people passed our assessment, unhappy faces to the others’ that didn’t pass but I am glad I got the oral discussion out of the way. I am also in a happy mood because of our next presentation. While I’m not too fond of doing presentations in front of the class, I am in heightened sensations about it being about something of my choice. I actually get to choose what I present about. Right now I am thinking of the different topics I could talk about and a few come to mind; Manchester United (Favourite Team), the age of the Mustang, and false Dichotomy. I have taken a fond liking to that term.

In other news, I have just received my new antivirus through the door and just in time. 2 days is all I had left of my previous year’s contract. The antivirus I have got is the awesome ‘Kaspersky’. Due to my great liking of 2009’s version, I have decided to purchase 2011’s new version which has a new interface which in my opinion looks fantastic. I think I also achieved the ‘Nerd status’ as I couldn’t wait to install it and run a full system scan to see if I had any viruses, not for the safety of my computer but purely because I can do it.

Apart from the obsessive scanning of my laptop, I am in the midst of booking my train tickets for my trip to Lincoln at the weekend. My friend decided it would be good to move down there for University (douche haha) so I am planning on going to visit him. It isn’t my first time in Lincoln, although it is the first time I ‘could’ be experiencing the night life if my antibiotics are finished by then. Even so I won’t have a lot of money so maybe drinks in will be best. Anyway back to the point, since he moved down I have been planning on going for a while but either never had the money or never had the time. Now I have got both so, LINCOLN HERE I COME. I HOPE YOU REMEMBER ME! (The city not the friend)

I think that is all I have to say today but my new blog post should be up in a day or so depending on what happens tomorrow or the day after. Ciao for now.