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Jack Frost…

Posted: December 3, 2010 in Movie
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Well. I can already tell it is going to be a good day. Had a lay in this morning as I don’t have College on a Friday and my sisters aren’t at school today due to a teachers training day, It is still white outside with signs that it will snow some more and to top that off; the first song that came on the music channel this morning was Katy Perry. God I love that woman 😛

Anyway, I thought I would tell you about the film I watched the other night, Jack Frost. Since it came out in 1998, every year I have watched it multiple times as it’s one of my favourite films when it snows. There have been occasions I have watched it at other times in the year but it’s loosely based on Christmas so I think it’s only right to watch it multiple times in that holiday period. I think the film stays with me so much because its true story is based primarily upon the bond between father and son. It’s based on something I never had. I think that film will always stay with me.

It seems like I’ve not got much to say on this post as I haven’t been to College for the past 3 days due to snow. That amount of snow did give me the opportunity to make a big snowman. I wanted to create a vampire snowman and I even had the red sauce out to make the blood but then I realised it would look ridiculous. I did make the head pretty stupid though. I finished the snowman then as a loving brother should do, I pelted my sisters with snow balls. So much fun.



Posted: November 30, 2010 in Life
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Lately I have been reminiscing about the past, not always a bad thing to do though. I think it’s the snow that’s brought it on. See two years ago was probably one of the best times I had with my friends; both in and out of school. Within school, there was basically a big square outside where we used to ‘hang’ when it snowed, it looked so beautiful. That was of course until me and a few buddies destroyed it… wait a minute it was for a good cause. I and these few friends became the founders of the war that happened with snowballs. Basically when everybody turned up we said we should all have a snowball fight and sure as it was, lots of people went outside. Then something weird happened, out of nowhere two teams were created; the only thing was, was that nobody picked teams. It was just some sort of spark that went on through the minds of everybody at the same time. It was like those teams were already chosen for us. Now I’m not one for fate or destiny but that day was chosen for us by the gods of awesomeness.
Sometimes that would be it for some people, but not for us. Our ‘group’ of friends wanted more. We decided to go down to the duck pond which is located near a very, very large field, perfect for snow. Down there I personally had one of the best times of my life, that day was perfect.
I miss it, a lot.
See there are a lot of things you can reminisce about and maybe they’re not all good, it’s the ones that gave you the most joy out of them that are worth treasuring most of all. I don’t treasure the fact I got into College, I treasure the fact that I know more amazing people on top of the already amazing that I already knew. Some call it fate, I don’t believe in fate. I believe that it is a choice to choose which friends you have, I chose my closest friends because I saw and see something great in them. Something about hearing a friend’s true laugh, seeing them in all their glory and being inspired by them. These are the things you want to treasure most because they are the people that make yourself. And at the end of my life I am someone who my friends think as; Caring, funny… true… then I am going to die a happy man. After all, you are who your friends think you are.
There are some friends that I haven’t heard laugh truly in a long time but I remember what it was like.
That’s what I reminisce about.


Posted: November 29, 2010 in College, Life
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Right now I am in Lincoln writing this. It wasn’t exactly my choice since I have College later on today but here I am writing this whilst my friend sleeps. Funny sleeper. Anyway, since it has been snowing on and off since I arrived here, there has been problems with the trains and the times of when they set off and when they come in. It was to my unfortunate luck that I was to board one of these trains. Even worse luck when it was the last train from Lincoln. Anyhow as things progressed I waited on the train for half an hour until I realised I wasn’t going to arrive back at home on time. I had to ask my friend if I can stay one more night to which point he accepted. Such good friends. At least I get to miss College partially.

This weekend has been rather fun as I fully expected. The first night was pretty good, we just really got things ready for the weekend as I did arrive in Lincoln at 9 after babysitting for my sisters.
I rather enjoyed Saturday as well for many reasons, the first being it was the first day I walked through snow… yay the snow is here… anyhow we walked round Lincoln and I enjoyed it. The Greggs was a big part of the enjoyment. Damn I love sausage rolls. After that things just got better. Because we only had a few hours sleep the night before Sam sort to sleep for a few more hours so he could burn through the night doing work. This was not how the night progressed. What we forgot was his dad coming to visit. We went out for a few drinks and a good night and we all ended up having a great conversation/debate about many many things. It was weird arguing about business whilst on the boarder of being drunk but lord was it fun.
Sunday was more of a relax kind of day where we went for something to eat in the ‘Chicken Cottage’. It’s like KFC but KFC was a lot further away and The Chicken Cottage was actually very similar tasting, I do admit though; KFC is my favourite out of them both.

As for right now since it is only 01:25 am I am watching the newly DVD released film ‘Prince of Persia – The Sands of Time’. It is a really good film and if I may say so myself the woman who plays the Princess is kind of hot 🙂 Yes I am a man. I personally think it’s a compliment.

And I think that is all I can think of talking about since it is very early within the day although College should be fun tomorrow. 6 hours of lessons but 9 hours of College. I still can’t figure out where the other 1 and a half hours of the free time I have goes? Confused face. 1 hours of it goes to lunch and we get 2 15 minute breaks in between the 3 hour lessons we have. It doesn’t make sense. Anyway back to the film I am watching. Ciao.