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Posted: December 8, 2010 in Business, College, Life
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I think this may be the first time I have gone 5 days without posting on here. Seems a tiny bit weird not updating it. I have been pretty busy with College lately what with my upcoming assignments and also getting into the motion of writing business plans which by the way, could be the most boring sounding pieces of writing I could do. I’m getting into the swing of things though, College seems to be getting better and better; I have made awesome friends who are truly brilliant and the course itself is great. I like where I ended up but I can’t stop to think about getting kicked out of 6 Form. Could I have been where my friends are now? … I think that may be the only pessimistic thing I have to say.

I’ll tell you what I am liking, I’m liking that I am stepping out of my own comfort barrier and growing my confidence. Recently I have acquired business products that I can manufacturer and produce due to a generous wordpress blogger. I’ve been in contact with him for a little over a week now and I have been in contact with the Vice President himself of the company that owns the patent and trademarks to the ever famous Rubik’s Cube. I had an idea to create a product based upon the image of the Rubik’s Cube but I was informed that it would be a collision with the Image Rights that the Rubik’s Cube holds. I felt important talking to the VP of a corporation that holds one of the greatest trademarks in the world. I shall just have to think of another idea. I’m thinking it may come easier now my mind is set on that.

So that’s friends, college and business set, time for a girlfriend. I’m actually thinking this one may be tougher than the others haha.